Backyard learning day response text

The backyard learning day was a day that Huntly primary school spent at our local creek at the back of the strauch reserve oval. The day was officially held on the 23rd of August. We had the day because it was an opportunity to learn about our environment in a thrilling way. The whole day overall was deadly/cool.

In the morning all of Huntly primary school walked down to the creek at the back of the strauch reserve oval at 10 past nine. When we got there we put our bags down somewhere and lined up in our groups when we gat called up. I was in group seven with Jarrod, Cameron and a couple of other kids. Our first activity was the fire making and making shmoores. There were twelve activities but every group got to do six activities. We did two in the morning two after 1st lunch and two after 2nd lunch then we went back to school after cleaning up the rubbish on the oval and thanking the people who organised the day.

The whole entire day was fun. The Aboriginal activity was deadly/cool. The weather was hot every now and then. The little kids were funny in the fire making because they thought that the fire was going to burn them which it could of but it didn’t. The fire making was very entertaining but on the other hand the pollution in the creek was grotty. Also the little kids were agitating and some activities were boring and tiring at the same time. Last but not least the littering on the oval was disgraceful and because of that we had to clean it all up so it looked like how we came down to the oval.

In the end the day was tremendous, next time how ever the groups should be the little kids split into two groups and all the big kids split into two groups. I rate the backyard learning day a 10/10 because it was better than doing work at school. If you get an opportunity to go to      a backyard learning day I highly recommend you to go because it’s a great way of learning about our community.

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