100wc “in 2017 I hope”…

In 2017 I hope I get elected for school captain because I have had the opportunity to be a vice captain of laanecoorie and I think I could step up to the next level and take the role of school captain. If I was to be elected first of all I would go crazy then get into the expectation of being school captain. If I got elected, second of all I would organise heaps of sports, excursions, and camps for peers and school. I really want to be school captain because I want everyone to know me well also to help.


One thought on “100wc “in 2017 I hope”…

  1. Wow! This story is awesome Zane! I really liked how much detail you put in your story! My question is, what inspired you to make this about being school captain?

    -Zac, from NZ

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